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    Zhongshan tijump electric appliance co., LTD. Is a brand of Oriental aesthetics. Founded in 1998, it is headquartered in zhongshan xiaolan, which is known as "the city of chrysanthemum". Day jun electric focus on dryer machine, care, research, development, production and sales of the ceiling lamp, dryer, nursing machine core varieties, such as ceiling lamp always occupy the important position, deeply the general consumer favorite. Tianjun electric appliance is the standard drafting unit of China dryer. It is also a famous trademark of guangdong province.

    As "clothing protects THE EASTERN AESTHETICS THE EASTERN AESTHETICS" enabler, day jun electric appliance in-depth study of THE domestic consumer lifestyle and demand change, product life experience for THE user and spirit to enjoy. The company has experienced r&d team and marketing team, constantly break through independent research and development capabilities, over the years with outstanding technical achievement, outstanding product quality, through more than ten years of development, the company now has advanced modern production equipment and professional r&d team, dryer annual output[See more >>]

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    Zhongshan TIJUMP Electric Appliance Co., LTD
    Add:No. 17, Guangle Center Road Lianfeng industrial Area Xiaolan Town Zhongshan City G D Tel:0760-22187433 Fax:0760-22133814
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